How do I delete a tour?

It is not possible to delete a tour once it's been published/delivered.

You can remove tours from the internet by going to the Info tab of the tour, scrolling to the very bottom of the Info tab (default view), and unchecking the Active box.

This will effectively remove it from the internet but keep it in Tourbuzz so you can turn it back on if needed.

You can only completely delete tours that have not yet been delivered. If a tour has been delivered (ie. credits have been charged), then the tour cannot be deleted, only deactivated.

Common questions and answers

What happens if I uncheck the "Active" checkbox, or my client clicks the "Deactivate" button?
The tour goes inactive and is marked as such in the Client Panel and in your Dashboard.

Does the Tour disappear from its existing URL's?
The URL is still live, but nothing shows up except text saying "this Tour is no longer active"

Can I or the client re-activate the Tour without charge? ie, does it continue to show in the clients' Tour list with an inactive status.
Yes, it shows up with the inactive status, and yes, you can re-activate it without charge. Your client can deactivate a tour, but only you can reactivate it.

I am assuming that when a tour is deactivated it no longer shows on the "view all my tours" page or on the RSS feed page -- right?
Yes, that is correct, in both cases.

Also, when the Tour is deactivated, does that stop the statistic emails going to the agent and homeowner (assuming the homeowners email was added)?
Yes, it does.

Can I deactivate multiple tours at once? 
Unfortunately not. 

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