How to Link to a Custom Brochure/Flyer

In some cases, your customer will want you to use a flyer that is different than the one Tourbuzz provides. This can easily be done within Tourbuzz. Follow along for step-by-step instructions on how to add a custom flyer. 

Your customers are also able to do these steps in their client panel. The process is slightly different, but we have a great tutorial for that! You can find our tutorial here.


Decide on where you want to host your flyer

You will need to have the flyer hosted somewhere else. One of the best options for hosting files is Dropbox. After creating a Dropbox account, you can easily upload files to their website, or through the file system integration they provide. Once the file is uploaded, you will want to click the "link" button on the right which will create a public link for the file, and give you options to share it with others.



Copy the link provided for you by the file host

Clicking this button will actually direct you to a hosted version of the file, and you will see a "Share" button at the top right. Clicking this will present you with a "Get Link" button in a popover, and clicking that will automatically copy the public link of the file to your clipboard. 



Enter the link in Tourbuzz under Custom Flyer URL

You can copy the link back into the Custom Flyer URL in your Tour. You can find this field on the info tab of your tour editor. 

This will automatically override Tourbuzz's flyer and present them with your own custom flyer. 


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