How do I re-send the Tour Announcement email

When you deliver images and/or a tour, an email is sent to the customer's email address announcing that it has been published while also providing your customer with some useful links. The links included in the announcement email are as follows:

  • Branded Tour Link
  • Unbranded (IDX / MLS Compliant) Tour Link
  • Simple Layout Link (This only applies to older designs)
  • A link to download images (without a password required)
  • A link to the Client Panel where the customer can log in to download images, see tour statistics, edit their tour, and access additional tour links.
At any time after your tour has been published, you can resend an announcement email to your customer within the Delivery Manager. To do this, click the Delivery Manager link:
then click "Skip to Email Notification." 
This will bring you to the email template, where you can then click "send announcement."
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