How do I create a customer and assign settings?

Why should you set up your customer? 

Tourbuzz allows you to attach settings to each of your customers. If you have a customer who likes a particular design or music option, you are able to attach those settings to their customer records within your account. Once you attach a setting to their customer record, every tour you create for them will automatically use those settings.

Need to change the settings on a particular tour? No problem! This can easily be done on the tour itself.  

How can I access the customer setup? 

To access their customer record, click Customers (under the Tourbuzz logo) and Edit next to the specific customer. 


Under each customer, there are lots of options and fields you can enter, so let's go through the list to discuss this setup in detail.

In the list below, all required fields are marked in red.

  • Customer Setup
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Photo
    • Contact Info (email, primary phone, cell, website, address)
    • Title
    • Agent License Number
    • Designation and Certification
    • Company Name
    • Company Logo (maximum size is 400 x 200)
    • Default Time Zone (if different from your own time zone)
    • Internal Notes (you can write down private notes about a client that can only be seen internally to your organization)
    • Disclaimer (Some agents will have disclaimer information you may want to record)
    • Assistant CC List (you can notify assistants or other members of the agent's organization when tours are published. Just email addresses should be put in this field. Stats emails are still controlled in the Tour/Stats tab)
  • Tour Setup
    • Custom Tour Domain (This allows Tours to display as Read our CNAME Setup Guide. If you would like help with this, contact - If you choose, you can use the default domain - You can also specify if this domain is MLS/IDX Compliant.)
    • Sponsor (by default, this is you and will show "Photographed by: Your Name". In special cases, you can set a different sponsor for a customer (like a broker or Country Club that wants branding on the tour. This information is shown at the bottom of the tour. Sponsors can be set globally, per customer, and per tour; inheriting and overriding in that order.)
    • Design (You can set a default design that will apply to all tours for this customer. As with Sponsor info, this can be over-ridden at the Tour level.)
    • Flyer Template
    • Music 
    • Panning Time (Can also be set at a default for the Customer, over-ridden at Tour level.)
    • Video Slideshow Mode On/Off
    • Video Slideshow Program Mode (Sets "Ken Burns" Effect Styles.)
    • Letterbox Correction
    • Min/Max Aspect Ratio
    • Slideshow Transition (Allows you to set transition styles between images. Transition settings for HTML5 designs are set directly within the design itself)
    • Slideshow Time (Specify, in seconds, how long slides show before progressing to the next.)
    • Autoplay Tour (Specifies whether the tour begins immediately on page load.)
    • Initial Floor plan Mode (This is for tours where you use a floor plan for navigation. You can set a floor plan to show immediately, hide until clicked, or hide initially and then pop over after the first photo. This works well if you plan on starting with an exterior shot, and then showing photos of the home's interior with a floor plan to guide.)
    • Display Media On Hotspot Rollover (this is unsupported in all HTML5 designs)
    • Offline Tour On/Off
    • Send To Friend On/Off (Applies sharing button to Tour)
    • Show Other Tours On/Off (Shows a link to other tours you have shot and hosted with TourBuzz)
    • Show School Info
    • Show Map
    • Show Walk Score
    • Show Printable Flyer
    • Gallery Visibility 
  • Client Panel Options (This section sets what shows up when your Customer logs in and what they can see/do.)
    • Allow Tour Editing On/Off
      • Edit Basic Info, Rename & Rearrange Images On/Off
    • Allow Media Uploads (should your client be able to upload their own images)
    • Allow Photo / Video / Panorama Downloads (includes floor plans)
    • Allow Print Quality Image Downloads
  • Automated Stats Emailing Options
    • Email Tour Stats To Customer? (We provide great, visual statistics emails for agents. They love them.)
    • Email Tour Stats Frequency (This can be set to Weekly or Monthly.)
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