How to Name Images So They Upload in the Correct Order

There is a trick to uploading images so they upload in the exact order you'd like, which is done by editing the file name itself. This article will walk you through naming your images so they upload in the order you'd like them to appear in on the tour. 


Name your images using the format 001_Kitchen.jpg

In order to upload images in the order, you would like them to appear, you will want to name your image files like 001_Kitchen.jpg in sequential order for best results.


Upload your images

Upload your images, and you will see the images have loaded in the proper order, and the numbers have been removed from the Media Name

*If your images do not sort in the correct order, make sure that you have selected to have them sorted by name, rather than date. This option is found on the processing screen. 



If everything looks correct, process your images. 

Scroll to the bottom and select Process Images.




Once processed, you can see the image order has been retained and you will not need to reorder the images. 


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