Copyright Metadata

What is Copyright Metadata and why should I use it?

Metadata is a collection of data that can be embedded into your images. Metadata can help protect your creative right by providing all the necessary information about the photographer and  copyright information directly into the photo. Doing this will automatically protect you from possible copyright infringers, because the copyright metadata gives the infringers prior notice that the image is copyrighted.

While there are many pieces of information that you can embed into your image, Tourbuzz preserves both the creator and copyright data fields.

The copyright data should include the photographs current owner. If the photographer differs from the owner, you can use the creator field to identify this information. 

How can I use it?

There are many ways you can embed your copyright data into your images, and even more tools that will help you do this. 

The format for the copyright you’ll want to use should be in the form of: ©<date of first publication> name of copyright owner, as in “©2012 John Doe.” 

Below are some articles that will show you how to add this data in various photo editing software you may use. You also can check and see if your camera has a feature which will allow you to instantly add this data as well.





If you have any suggestions on software or methods you use to add metadata to your images, let us know in the comments section.

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