Use the Lightroom Plugin (Official Documentation)

Screenshot of TourBuzz Export Plugin for Adobe Lightroom

The Tourbuzz Export Plugin for Adobe Lightroom allows you to easily upload images from Lightroom to Tourbuzz. This integrated workflow saves time and reduces errors. 


Works with the following versions of Lightroom on both Mac, and Windows machines:

  • Lightroom 3 
  • Lightroom 4 
  • Lightroom 5
  • Lightroom 6

Current Version:

Release Date: 11/14/2016

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Unzip.
  3. Open Lightroom.
  4. Open the plug-in manager at File > Plug-in Manager.
  5. Press Add.
  6. Select the TourbuzzUpload.lrplugin file.


  • Lightroom uses the plugin from wherever you install it; be sure not to delete it or you will have to re-install. You can move the TourbuzzUpload.lrplugin file to a different location before installing.
  • From time to time, you may be prompted to upgrade the plugin to the latest version.
  • When you Add a newer version of the plugin via the Plug-in Manager, the previous version will be disabled and the newer one will be automatically marked as Installed and running. You can delete old version(s) of the plugin at your convenience. Note that Lightroom may disable the new version when you delete the old version; simply click Enable to turn it back on.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Click the Export... button.
    NOTE: if no items are selected, all items in the current collection will be uploaded. 
  2. Choose Tourbuzz from the Export To option.
  3. Enter your username & password and click Log In.
  4. Select the tour you want to export to (by default the export panel shows all unpublished tours, you can search by tour address, title, or MLS#). If no tours show up, make sure you have created at least one. If it still doesn't show up, Log Out and Log back in inside the Tourbuzz plugin.
  5. Configure desired options:
    1. File Naming: To preserve the sort order from your Lightroom collection, check the Rename To option.
      NOTE: You will need to complete a one-time setup process (1-2 minutes) to get Tourbuzz to preserve your Lightroom Collection Custom Sort Order in Tourbuzz.
    1. Video: lets you control whether or not to upload videos as well.
    2. Image Sizing: If you don't need print-quality images and don't have panos in Lightroom, you can enable the resize option at 1500x1000 to reduce the time required to complete the upload.
    3. Output Sharpening: Optionally sharpens all images on export.
  6. Press the Export button.
  7. When the export is finished, the inbox for that tour will open in your web browser.

NOTE: If you run into any errors, go to the plugin manager and save out the "Diagnostics" for our plugin and email the file to support.

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