Is Facebook Showing the Wrong Information?

When you post a tour to Facebook, Facebook caches the information and doesn’t update any information it stores. That means, if you make any changes to the address or change the main image for the property on Tourbuzz, Facebook won’t automatically update with your new information.

If you are posting a tour to Facebook, and you want to change the image/address etc. Here are the correct steps to manually make these changes. 


Update the information within Tourbuzz

Make changes on Tourbuzz - Correct the address, change the main picture, change the title etc..


You can access Facebook's Debugger here:

Enter your tour link, and click Fetch New Scrape Information


Preview the updated information to ensure that it is now correct

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the section “When Shared This is what will be Included”:

This is what your post will now look like on Facebook. You may have to click on “Fetch New Scrape Information” a few times until you see the results you want

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