What is "Initial Floorplan Mode?"

The Initial Floorplan Mode determines whether or not a tour with supporting floor plans begins by hiding, displaying, or delaying floor plans at the start of a tour. This setting only applies to our floor plan navigation feature.

Please Note

This setting only works with Lattice and the Zephyr design

Floorplan Mode - 'Show'
Will display the floorplan alongside tour media throughout the virtual tour.
Tip! - To adjust the initial display size of a floor plan, edit your design and choose a different 'Initial width of floorplan' or 'Initial Navigation Width'

Floorplan Mode - 'Hide'

This mode "hides" the floor plan but also allows the option for the viewer to expand by clicking the arrow along the right border. 
Floorplan Mode - 'Delay'

Delays the floor plan from displaying until AFTER the first media asset has completed. This preserves the impact of having a large image visible when the tour loads AND offers a seamless way to ensure the viewer sees the floor plan.

Note: If you would like to use this feature, but don't have good, clean floor plan images, you can take a look at our guide for ways to get great floor plan designs.
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