Incorporating a 3D Tour In Your Tours

This new technology, which uses a specialized camera, allows photographers to create 3D images that offer viewers the ability to go on a property's self-guided tour. Some 3D Tour Vendors also creates 3D dollhouse-type floor plans, so viewers understand a property's layout before visiting it in person. 

3D Tour links can be easily dropped into Tourbuzz, giving your customers and potential buyers a view of the property like they've never seen before. 

To incorporate a 3D Tour into Tourbuzz, on the Info Tab of your tour editor, input the 3D Tour link(s) and provide a title in the Link Text. Scroll to the bottom and Save.

Currently, we support the following 3D tours URLS, Matterport, RealVision, IGuide, Insidemaps, Asteroom,  MPEmbed, Plush Global Media, 3Dvista, AirPano, and Zillow.


In a few cases, you may need to add information in your link to be able to add it into the unbranded tour;

IGuide: you will need to add "?unbranded=1" at the end of your link;

Asteroom: you will need to use the link include in the embedded code and add "hideleadgen=1" at the end of your link;

Zillow: you will need to use the link in the embedded code and change the end of your URL from "?setAttribution=mls" ;

Matterport: you will need to use the unbranded link which ended by &brand=0, you also simply add the code at the end of your link;

Richo: you will need to use the MLS link, which starts with mls.ricohtours, change the start of the URL, and leave everything else the same; 


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