How do I upload a video to YouTube?

The first step is to ensure your customer has connected their YouTube account. Here are instructions on how they can do this. Once their account is set up, you will need to follow the steps to Export A Video of Tour.  Once you export the video, it will automatically be uploaded to your customer's YouTube account.

Some Restrictions Apply 

Please note that YouTube has their own rules for what kinds of content they allow, and 'duplicate content' is strictly prohibited in their system. For this reason, a video of a tour for a specific property address can only be uploaded once. If you generate both an Unbranded and Branded video, our system uploads the Branded version by default. There is not currently any way to specify which should be uploaded. 

Furthermore, due to the limitation on duplicate content, if you have a tour that should happen to change ownership (a different customer/agent becomes assigned), and you regenerate that tour video, re-uploading the video to a new YouTube account could prove problematic. We recommend working with YouTube directly if you run into any issues with uploading a video for a tour to a new/different YouTube account.

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