How to regenerate videos

When you or your customers make changes to the tour and the tour has already been exported-to-video, you'll need to regenerate the video, if you need an updated version. You may also need to regenerate the video if it's been over a month since the video was initially created.  While this can be done both in the photographer panel and the client panel, this article will go over how to regenerate a video in the client panel. 

To Regenerate a video: 

Step 1: Login to the client panel

Step 2: Click on the tour you'd like to regenerate the video for. 

Step 3: Click on the video icon

*If you do not see the video icon in your account, please contact your photographer as they have disabled this option. 

Step 4: If your video needs regenerating, you'll see a button labeled "regenerate video."  Click this and your video will start regenerating. This usually takes around 4 hours to generate, and you will be notified by email once complete. 

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