How do I merge/combine duplicate customer accounts?

Every now and then you might notice that you have 2 or more customer accounts for the same customer and would like to consolidate this back down to 1 single account. 


Merging customers will move all tours, payments, and orders into the new desired account. This cannot be reversed, so always be sure to double and triple check the accounts before merging!

Follow these steps to merge customer accounts together:

Go to your list of customers and search for the customer last name
Click merge to the right of the name of the duplicate account you wish to be removed:
Search for the customer account you wish to keep in the Customer to merge into field. A dropdown of options will appear. Simply click on the correct account:
Verify that you absolutely want to move the customer A in to Customer B and click Merge: 

Congratulations! You've now successfully merged the two customer accounts into one and the duplicate account has been removed. 

Q: What if I have 3 or more account for the same customer? How do I merge those?

A: You'll need to do these one by one, ensuring that you merge each of the unwanted accounts into the proper account.

Q: Is this process reversible if I make a mistake?

A: This process is not reversible, so we recommend making sure you move forward carefully. If you have any questions prior to doing the merge, feel free to Contact Us at

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