How do I customize a design and assign it to a customer?

There may be occasions where you do repeated work for a specific client who always wishes to use the same design. Our system was set up to provide a way to customize a design for a client, and assign it to that client's account, so that every time you create a new tour for that client, the assigned design will be used.

The following steps showcase how to make this happen. At the end of the step-by-step walk-though, you will find an interactive tutorial.

1. The first step is to log in to your Tourbuzz account and click Designs

2. Find the design you'd like to copy, and customize, and click  Duplicate

3. Give the design a new name (some people like to include the name of the Agent that will make use of the design) and Click  Duplicate

4. Customize the design to your preferred settings.

5. Select a color and click SAVE

6. When you are satisfied with your customizations, scroll down and click Save

7. Now, to assign the design to a customer, Click Customers

8. Click Edit for the customer you will assign the design

9. Scroll to the Design tab, and  Select the customized design to assign

10. Once you've selected the design, scroll down and click Save to assign the design to your customer.  Any time you create a new tour for this customer, the assigned custom design will be used.

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