Welcome to the client panel. From this page, you can book a photographer, view the portfolio, and also access to the settings and the menu

In the main menu, you have access to 

  • Your orders
  • Your appointment
  • Your invoices and quotes
  • Your payments
  • Your subscriptions: The provider can subscribe you to a recurring invoice package for a service that need to be charge daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Your line of credit: This is a payment method that your provider can offer. You can pay your invoice with this method and receive a statement every month. And then add a payment to the line of credit.
  • Your  Blog: You can create a blog, and then be able to buy or write an article. Your blog can also be integrated into your website.
  • Your landing pages: You will be able to find the links for your landing pages
  • Your designers
  • Your  UIContra
  • Your Reports: You can generate a report for the period that you need. You can download it in CSV file or preview the report. 

On the other side, you have the account and settings menu. You will have access to :

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