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Business Solution Price List

Our real estate photographers business solution has a solid track records of generating high impact returns on investment. Whether by increasing your productivity, competitivity, your margin or all of them, you will discover why our solutions are the choices of the largest number of independant photographers in the world.

Business Solution

(SAAS) Enterprise Management 
All features to optimize your real estate photographer business operational processes

  • online order form
  • invoicing
  • taxes integration
  • online payment
  • scheduling
  • Google Calendar synchronisation
  • quotes management
  • account receivables management
  • client's line of credit
  • jobs status management
  • agents self-service dashboard

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No monthly fee,
no contract

Full service set up with our team of experts to establish your account and initial training to get started and take full advantage of the feature set for only  199$ (one time fee).
Images Delivery Page Images Delivery PageThe image delivery page provides a simple and fully integrated way to send your pictures to your clients 

  • easy to use download page
  • 3 years hosting
  • multiple MLS resize pre-set configurations

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/ delivery page  
A delivery page is included with Basic & Premium Property Website.
Advanced Taxes Management (US Providers only) 
(third party plugin)
A delivery page is included with Basic & Premium Property Website.Advanced Taxes Management (US Providers only)  
(third party plugin)The advanced taxes management feature enables us-based providers managing multiple taxes. The feature is provided throught an integrated third party solution.  

  • Provide a turn-key solutions for US taxes management
  • No data entry to set up your state, cities, districts taxes
/ invoice

Marketing Services

Basic Property Website Provided within our Business Solution.
  • no hosting fee
  • branded & unbranded versions
  • video media integation
  • agents self-service dashboard

Note: Custom development of exclusive designs starting at $800

Your cost per website
Suggested Resell Price
Premium Property Website
Provided within our Tourbuzz application.
  • no hosting fee
  • fully customizable
  • branded & unbranded versions
  • white-labeled to your organisation
  • custom domain name
  • viewers stats automation
  • multiple medias integation
  • AI image naming
  • agents self-service dashboard
Custom development of exclusive designs service offered starting at $5000
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Suggested Resell Price
Video Creating a slideshow video using still pictures
  • multiple effects features
  • pan and zoom integrated effect (Ken Burn)
  • support multiple images
  • generate several video supported formats
fast rendering powerhouse for high volume photographers

Your cost per video



branded and unbranded
Suggested Resell Price



branded and unbranded
Immersive Slideshow

Creating immersive slideshows using still pictures

  • No special 3D camera (it's not 3D anyway!)
  • Require professional DSLR camera
  • Cost per pan post-production fee
  • No hosting fee
  • No monthly fee

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Your cost per pan
per pan
up to 24 images per pan
0$ per pan when bundle with a Tourbuzz Tour
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