How to select a default Delivery Method for a Customer

We understand that not all your clients need to have a tour published for them. We have a cascading setting that allows you to set a default delivery method for each client's needs. By default, your Provider account is set to Tour & Photos (which you can change if you primarily deliver photos only), and by following the steps below you can specify what your default Delivery Method will be for each client; Tour & Photos or Photos Only. 



The first step to take when setting your default delivery method for your client is to open Tours and click Customers Step 1 image


Choose the customer you want to set a delivery method for and click Edit Step 2 image


Scroll down and click on the Delivery Method dropdown menu. Step 3 image


Select the desired Delivery Method you want set for your customer moving forward. You can select  Tour & Photos or Photos Only  Step 4 image


Scroll down and click Save Step 5 image


That's it. You're done. Step 6 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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