Step 1 - Equipment set up and Shooting instructions

Now that you have attended one of our free training webinars, you are officially an Urbanimmersive certified photographer! This document will provide guidance on camera settings and shooting techniques to help you achieve the best results.

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Equipment Set-Up

Using a monopod will allow you to easily hide the feet. If you are using a tripod try to shorten the feet as much as you can. If you are shooting outside the extra stability provided by a tripod would be preferable, to help avoid the potential for movement caused by wind.

Always use the camera face to point the Camera to virtual north.

Set up the height of your monopod/tripod to 4 feet. This will allow you to have a more accurate measurement and create a floor plan afterward. If you don't follow the 4 feet recommendation this will affect your calibration. 

Shooting instruction

There are specific instructions that you need to follow to enable the automatic algorithm to display your panoramic correctly. 

  • Always face the virtual north; the face of the camera needs to always start by pointing in the same direction.
  • Use Equal distances (5 - 8 feet) 
  • Take a shot on each side of the doors
  • Follow Straight lines and/or 45º diagonal directions
  • Always overlap scenes; The algorithm uses automated visual recognition, to allow the system to provide the best results you need to have an overlapping scene. 
  • Take at least 1 pan per room for measurement purposes and floor plan
  • No need to shoot the stairs.

We do not support RAW file but you can use is for your shooting and convert it afterward. However shooting in Raw will compromise the speed, amplify your battery use and use more space on the disk. 

When you shooting is done you are ready for Step 2 - Creating an immersive 3D tour

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