How to add more 360 panoramas to your immersive 3D tour

When you receive your 3D tour, you may want to change or add some of the panoramas in it. To do so, you will follow the following steps:

1. The step is to open the Immersive 3D tour tab.

2. The next step is to click on Add more 360 panoramas

3. Then you will upload your new images; Click browser or drop the file there, then click upload. It can take a couple of minutes before your images are ready.

4. On this page, all your thumbnails will be black to reduce the page's loading time. You can display your images by putting your mouse over the black sure and click show image. You can also erase it if needed. When you are ready, click on process, and confirm by clicking process again

5. The new panos will be sent to the post-production team to be aligned. Depending on the number of images, the time will be different. As these images do not go through the same process, the system will place them in a new plan named: New panos. They will have to be aligned manually. If you are comfortable doing it yourself, you can send us a request at the following address: 

Here's some videos tutorial for the visual learners:

How to add more 360 panoramas

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