Residential Property Floors

Uploading your images to your Residential 3D 

When you select Residential for your 3D tour, you will be prompted to select how many floors were photographed. This will help ensure all images are being placed on the right floor before sending them for processing to our Post Production team. This article will cover: 


  • Step-by-step Walkthrough
  • Tutorial Video

Step-by-step Walkthrough

1. After you click  Select Residential, you will be prompt to choose the number of property floors you have

Step 1 image

2. Select the number of floors you have photographed

Step 2 image

3. You can select as many as 1 to 10 property floors

Step 3 image

4. Click Continue when you have your number selected  

Step 4 image

5. Click browse to add your images 

Step 5 image

6. Click Upload to add your images to the 3D tour 

Step 6 image

7. Highlight the images and drag them into the desired floor. You can select multiple images at a time using the "SHIFT" key to add them to a floor. 

Step 7 image

8. Click the name of a floor to edit it and give it a new name. 

Step 8 image

9. Click Add Floor if you need to add additional floors to the floor plan

Step 9 image

10. Once all images are placed on their floors, click  Process to continue

Step 10 image

11. Add any notes needed and review your order and click  Pay & Proceed 

Step 11 image

Here's an interactive tutorial

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