MLS Watermark Photos

We have now given providers the ability to watermark their images that will be applied to the downloadable MLS photos as per cascading preferences. This feature will need to be turned on before getting access to it. To get the feature turned on, please contact support at 

To activate this feature, go into your Account Settings, and under your, Tour Setup scroll down to  Watermark. 

Here you will upload your watermark image. Click Choose File, upload your images and then scroll down and click save. 


Please be aware you can only upload PNG files. When creating a watermark image, you will want to create an image with padding. More padding will make the text appear smaller. No padding will make the text take up to 1/5 of the background image width. An image with padding will appear smaller because, to the processor's eyes, what matters is the image size, not the image visible content size. This is why PNG is handy.

Option 1

You can turn your watermark on and off per tour by going into your tour, and in the info tab, scroll down to  Apply watermark to MLS photos setting and click enable. This is the best option, so you don't add your watermark to every MLS folder. 

Option 2

You can globally set all MLS photos to have your watermark by going into your Account Settings and set the setting  Apply watermark to MLS photo to enabled. 

Below is an MLS photo showing the watermark feature 

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