How to invite a viewer into a private room

Ask to join in a UiMeet3D

you can choose to ask another visitor to join in a UiMeet3D. UiMeet3D will allow you to engage in a private and personalized discussion with the visitor.

Features of a Private Meeting

Accept Camera viewing

When accessing a private room, it is possible to start a video conference meeting, which will allow you to see and talk to the visitor. Only the person who sent the UiMeet3D request can start the video conference meeting.

Invitation to join a private room

To join a UiMeet3D, visitors need to accept your invitation. When you receive an invitation to join a UiMeet3D, you will need to accept to be moved to a private room. From there, you will be able to converse in a one-on-one "meeting."

  • You can either invite a visitor that is already on the tour
  • You can also copy the URL and send it to an external viewer so he can join you directly in your private meeting room. 

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