Error messages

If you experience error messages while using your Immersive 3D tour, these troubleshooting methods may help.

If you see:

Your browser settings may prevent some multi-user functions form working. Contact Support.

This is shown because the 3D player is unable to write some data on the computer. Most multi-users function will work but if the internet connection is shaky then some failures are expected.
It is caused by a privacy setting that is too restrictive in Chromium based browsers. 

See this link for details on how to trigger / fix the issue:[…]rage-property-from-window-access-is-denied-for-this-document

If you see:

Full Screen mode was denied. Contact support.

When the browser refuses to activate the fullscreen mode of the player. The most probable cause for that is that the 3D Tour is in an iframe that has not been set the allow Fullscreen parameter to be true. 

Please provide support the exact url that you were on when the problem occurred (the tour number is not enough). 

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