My Tours Filter

The Client Panel gives you the ability to filter tours by sections. This article will walk you through what each section means, and then you will have the ability to access their tours and what they can access within each section.

In Process

This image indicates that you are still working on completing the tour and have not yet published it. You will not be able to access any tour links or make any changes while the tour is in this state. Your provider will need to publish your tour for you to have these abilities.

Awaiting Payment

This image indicates that your provider has emailed you an "awaiting payment" notification. This means that your tour is ready but awaiting payment. You can now review your images and pay for your tour by clicking on the notification email's client panel link.

Photos Ready

This image lets you know that your provider has published a Photos Only Tour and that your photos are ready to download. You will be able to access and download your images (small, large, MLS, & print-quality) as well as download and view the flyer and any exported videos. 


This image lets you know that the tour is live and is accessible in their client panel. Here you can: make small edits to the tour, download photos, access tour links, view and update the flyer, see tour statistics and download any exported videos. 


This image indicates that the tour has been deactivated and is no longer accessible. While both the agent and the photographer have the ability to deactivate tours, only the photographer has the ability to reactivate them. You are unable to make changes or view an inactive tour. 

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