Can I use Custom Domain for a tour?

At TourBuzz, we want you to get the most benefit possible from our platform, and that means giving you control over the branding of your tours at every level. This allows you to continue to grow your business and get visitors to your website from anyone who sees the tours you publish.

To help you promote your web presence, we allow you to customize the domain you use at three different levels: 

  • If you want to use the main URL of your website for all your tours, you can set that at a top level within your account settings and all your tours will have the format 
  • You can also set custom domains at the Customer level using the agent's website - 
  • Or, you can setup a single property website for your specific tour, within the tour information -

For instructions on how to setup your CNAME at the provider level (you) or the customer level (an agent), click here. The steps are the same, but they can be done in either your account settings or the customer account settings. Remember that all tour settings inherit in a three-tier hierarchy. You - the provider - are at the top with the Customer and Tour inheriting all settings in that order. If changes are made at either the Customer or Tour level, they will over-ride the settings from the level above.

To set up a domain that will only be used on one specific tour, you will do something slightly different. Instructions for those settings can be found by clicking here.

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