Step 1: Creating Your First Tour

Welcome to Tourbuzz!

This guide outlines how to create your first tour with Tourbuzz. This may be your first time logging into Tourbuzz, and we know there are many buttons and options to pick and choose from. We've found it less overwhelming to start by creating a tour and then taking a step back to look at the other features and customization options we offer.


Log into TourBuzz and Click “Create New Tour"

Your login information is located in the Welcome Email we sent you when you first signed up. If you don't remember your password, follow the steps on the login screen to perform a password reset. 


Enter in the address for your tour:  If you want a 3D Tour, check the box and fill in the required information to ensure a 24-hour delivery time.


Next, select “Create New Customer"

Your customer is the person you are creating the tour for. In most cases, the customer is the real estate agent you are creating the tour for. 


Fill in the Customer information

You'll want to make sure you fill out all the required fields, marked with a *, including their office address. You can drag and drop their logo and photo into the appropriate locations:


Select Create Tour

Congratulations, you have now created your first tour! Follow along to Step 2 to learn how to upload images. 

For our video tutorial, watch below: 

*available in various language subtitles

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