Can my customer delete images?

Sometimes there are images that your clients may want to remove from the tour. However, accidents can happen, and they may delete the incorrect image(s)! Because of this, and to save you and your clients any pain and time lost, we only allow image deletions within your admin panel, so that you don't have to worry about having to worry about re-uploading any accidentally deleted images. 

We also realize that one of the benefits of providing the client panel is so that your clients may independently edit and customize their tours. So, to help solve this issue, we have an "include in" setting with an option called "neither virtual tour nor gallery."

All your clients have to do is click on the image they wish to remove, select neither virtual tour nor gallery option, and that image will be hidden from the tour. Additionally, a banner will appear at the top of that image thumbnail letting them know which images they've hidden from the tour. 

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