Edit your Immersive 3D tour

Now that you have received your immersive 3D tour, you can edit your tour if necessary. In this article, we will see how to use each tool available for the post-production of an Immersive 3D tour 

In this Article:


  • You can see your plan with the drop-down menu.
  • You can return to the camera position
  • You can increase the map to see it bigger
  • You can reset the zoom
  • Combine with the alignment tool you will see in bird-eye view

Full Screen 

This tool will increase the window, and see your 3D tour bigger.

Take a screenshot

You can choose the size of your screenshot; 

  • 1920x1080 
  • 1024x768

*The file will automatically be saved on your computer named:  Immersive_3D_Tour_Screenshot_IDNUMBER.jpg

Measurement Tool

It will allow you and the viewers to measure the floor, the rooms, the furniture.

Alignment Tool

When you add new panoramas by default they will be sent to the post-production team to be aligned. However, if you want to do it yourself you can send the request to our support team at hello@urbanimmersive.com. To do so you will need to click on each dot one at a time and align the shadow image to the element on the floor. Don't try to align with the furniture, the 360 degrees effect is distorted them. 

If for some reason you need to create a second plan you can follow these steps

  • Click on Create new plan in the Plans section. 

And to assign it to the new plan: 

  • Click on the map
  • Click on each dot you wish to change (one at the time)
  • Select in the drop-down menu the desired plan
  • Save
Plan doesn't mean floors. 

If you need to erase a plan:

  • Click on the trash cane new to the plan you wish to delete in the Plans section. 
If you delete a plan all the alignment done will be erased. Be careful to keep the good plans

Hide a Pano 

If you need to hide a pano, open the alignment tool, select the pano you want to hide in the list on the left menu, and click on the eye icon.  

Replace Panoramas

If you need to edit a panorama in your Immersive 3D Tour, you can download it, edit it and reload the new one to replace the old one. Or you can simply select the panorama you want to replace and upload the new one. Click here for more information.

Floor plan & Wall Editor

Virtual walls allow you to hide dots coming from other rooms, and to remove the "ghost effect", viewers cannot go through the walls, and it is also the base that creates the floorplan. 

In the floorplan, you will be able to add modify or remove gateways to navigate into the house. Gateways can be used to  go up or down the stairs, go inside or outside, or maybe reach a dot too far away, you can create a gateway. 

  • To know how to create a gateway click here
  • To know more about the editing floorplan click here

Jump to 

This tool will create saved views that your viewers can use easily to look at key rooms instead of click throughout the whole house.


This tool will allow you to upload and add icons to give more information inside your tour. Learn more about UiTags here.


Automatic quality means The 3D Tour loads low res pictures when viewing if it would benefit from a better quality image than loading the high-quality picture. If the user would benefit from a better quality image then you will see the UHD button when zooming in the 3D tour. The UHD button will be displayed even if you do not zoom in if the user has a 4K monitor or is in fullscreen on a Full HD monitor. Clicking the UHD will give you better-quality images in your 3D tour. 

General Settings

  • Starting position: you need to the on the dot and looking at the view you wish to set up as the starting point and click on "Set current position"
  • Dots height: This option will change the heights for all the dots in your 3D tour 0 is the ground and 768 is camera height
  • Dots Opacity: The opacity of the dots can be set up as invisible, visible, or halfway. 
  • Field of view: This will allow you to change the prior view on the panoramas. We recommend a value of 90, a minimum of 30 maximum of 140
  • Camera pixel to meter: This number is the calibration for the measurement and floorplan tool. If you are not using 4ft high tripod/monopod contact support at hello@urbanimmersive.com to know what number to enter in this field.
  • Measurement unit: The measurement tool can be displayed in meters of foot
  • Language: French or English
  • Environment Mapping
  • Hide the mini-map icon on the user interface of the immersive 3D tour: If you do not have a floor plan in your immersive 3D tour, you can disable the Minimap user interface button located under the Feature section
  • Show minimap at start
  • Minimap floorplan
  • Floorplan export
  • Automatic quality Upgrade: If this is activated we will increase the quality of the images if you stay on the same panorama. 

Your 3D tour is now ready you can deliver it: Step 4 - Upgrading & Delivering your 3D tour

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